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Green Tiles is a four bedroom modern bungalow located in the village of Stokenchurch. 

The home is designed to create a family dwelling for adults with learning disability and it is situated where there is easy access to essential local amenities such as: The Medical Centre, Shops, Post Office, Hair Dresser, Churches, Restaurants, Pubs, Adult Learning Centre, etc. There are also areas that would enable service users to enjoy a scenic and serene walk at the appropriate times. 

The home has a reasonable sized garden at the back.  This area is widely used for outdoor activities iin the spring and summer to stimulate our service users in a therapeutic way.  Its size and borders are adorned with a variety of shrubs and colourful plants and the garden is one area demarcated for the service users, where they can indulge in a period of relaxation and quiet time if they prefer.

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All the service users have their own bedrooms which meets the national minimum standards requirements. They also have the opportunity to personalise their space, hence all the rooms at Green Tiles initially consists of basic amenities. We have one en-suite room and attractive bathroom facilities within reasonable reach from the bedroom areas.

The lounge area is quite spacious and furnished to a high standard and it is a relaxing area where service users, their friends and visitors will be able to sit comfortably.

The kitchen has a homely design with lots of cupboard space for safe food storage. Three meals will be provided each day and there are regular changes to the lunch menu to stimulate appetite and self catering is allowed following assessment to this request. All service users are encouraged to develop an individual food preference list which will be considered during meal planning. Hot and cold drinks are available at all times according to the service user’s needs and preferences. The dining area is situated near the kitchen and is a well ventilated space with multifunctional use and designed to allow access into the garden area.   

In general the interior and exterior of the home brings an air of tranquillity and a blend of contrast that breaks up monotony and institutionalised features making it a true representation of a family-like home.

The service user will be provided with a Service User Guide once they begin placement.  Arrangement can be made to ensure that its content is understood by service users who may even in its basic state, still have difficulties comprehending it.

Service users will be assigned with support workers to help them develop their program of care in the form of Person Centred Plans.

Day Care activities will be facilitated but service users may also keep their previous day care facilities where appropriate.

Other Facilities & Services include:-

  • Shower/bath facilities
  • Reflexology - once a month
  • Be-friender
  • Advocate
  • Horticulture
  • Behavioural Assessment
  • Visiting Activity Co-ordinator   
  • Visiting /Community Hair-Dresser
  • Access to Local Leisure Facilities
  • Rambling
  • Holiday
  • Field Trips/outings
  • Personal Menu Development
  • Self Catering
  • Attending Church
  • Tea/Coffee snack evenings
  • Recognition of Special events
  • Residents Meeting
  • Foot Spa
  • Gateway
  • Opportunity to attend Restaurants and enjoy a local ‘take-away’
  • Sky TV, Table Top Snooker, Foot-Ball Table, Snoozelen opportunity, relaxation points, various games
  • Psychology/ Counselling/ Dietician/Dentist/Optician

Please contact us by phone or email for more details.      



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