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Our service is structured to put the service user at the forefront of our business and to make them feel valued at all times.

Therefore at Alpha Community Care we work to high standards to maintain the service users’:
Civil Rights: - The service values each service user as a citizen with full rights and responsibilities.  Hence we recognise that people with learning disability have a right to: equal access to life, prohibition from degrading treatment, liberty, freedom of expression, contribute to or participate in society, security and protection from discrimination.   

Dignity: - The service aims to treat all service users with dignity and respect. We recognise that disability can and do create stigma which undermines an individual’s dignity. Hence, we work to assist each service user to express him or herself as a unique individual, to maintain a decent personal appearance and promote him or herself in a manner that raises their self worth, and confidence. 

Security: - A supported environment with solid management structure will be provided at Green Tiles for the safety of our service users and also to ensure they are protected from all forms of abuse. A robust and accessible means to ventilate concerns and for dealing with complaints are in place.  Furthermore, an open positive and inclusive atmosphere is promoted to make all users feel comfortable and confident in discussing their needs.

Independence/Privacy: - We appreciate that individual needs may differ, hence our sole objective at Green Tiles Home is to foster individual autonomy rather than dependency.  Our principle is to assist and enable our service users rather than take over; offer assistance where it is needed, and uphold the principle of confidentiality.

community care

Choice: - Alpha Community Care Services operate on the notion that each service user will be actively involved in developing an individualised Plan of Care.  Each service user therefore is given the opportunity to be present or to be represented by an appropriate adult in all forums particularly where important decisions regarding their life are likely to be made.  They will be encouraged to select from a range of options in all aspects of their life and manage their time and not to be dictated to by set regimes.  

Inclusion: - All service users’ using our service are assisted to gain access to and utilise appropriate community services within the immediate and wider community, such as: medical centre, educational and recreational facilities.  Alpha Community Care Services and Green Tiles home promote each service user’s ability to actively participate in their local community in diverse ways.                                         

Fulfilment: - As part of our vision we want to value people and above all help our service user’s realise their personal aspirations and dreams in all aspects of their life. We believe it is therefore important to familiarise ourselves with our service user’s history, characteristics and their wishes, in order to provide a range of activities to suit their abilities and preferences, and also to respond appropriately to their personal, intellectual, spiritual and creative needs. As a service, we endeavour to respect diversity as well as listen and attend promptly to our service users desires to communicate their needs.

Diversity: - Alpha Community Care Services welcome and celebrate the diversity of everyone using our services.  Therefore, at Green Tiles we convey to our service users that their diverse backgrounds, enriches life at the Home.  We will respect and provide according to their ethnic, cultural and religious practices, such as celebrating events and anniversaries. Moreover, we accommodate differences and oppose any negative, discriminatory as well as abusive behaviour. 

Quality Care: - The service strives to provide the highest quality of care and gives priority to its operations in terms of the service it delivers to its users.


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